Bradley Ryan / ashala rock

by Home Poet Records

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split between bradley ryan and ashala rock.


released May 19, 2015



all rights reserved


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An independent record label based out of Oregon.

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Track Name: Bradley Ryan - Unholy matrimony
We're all familiar with the concept of death
In which we go from being so full of life
And enjoying all that blissful youth has to offer
To suddenly being greeted by Death himself
Asking for your hand in a vow of unholy matrimony
As you finally succumb to your last breath
Some of us are quick to shake Death's cold hand
Or at least feel his presence in a hospital room
Watching as he steals the life from someone you love
And it breaks your heart knowing the truth
There are just some things you'll never understand
Why does Death take away our loved ones
In the moments we need them the most?
Our hearts and minds can only handle so much
And it hurts more knowing there's nothing you can do
No matter how many photos albums you keep
Or messages you save on the answering machine
They're nothing more than lonely ghosts
That haunt the furthest depths of our dreams
And the only time spent together is in your sleep
You'll see your loved ones again someday
When Death takes your hand in unholy matrimony
You'll smile the moment you see their face
"I've missed you so much," you'll say,
"Let's talk about the way things used to be."
Track Name: Ashala Rock - This could be the best thing to happen in a long time
Here's your romantic disaster
In formation across the dance floor
I'll figure you out, figure out what makes you the way you are
Let's find out where I am inside your heart
Or am I on the outside of everything?
I thought we were just figuring it out, now.
So go, make it known that our hands are tied
My hands are tied and I'm starting to fall for my reflection (Inside of you!!!)
So now, let us go and give back everything we stole
My heart is buried and I'm starting to feel for your weaknesses
It's raining on the inside, here's your make up
I tried to prepare, but at the end it was all a contest
I'll find you and take this time, now
Let's find out where we are standing on the edge of the world
Tell me, princess, what else did you want?
Tell me, princess, what else did you want?
Tell me, princess
(Tell me princess, tell me princess, tell me princess)
Do you want me?
(Tell me princess, tell me princess, tell me princess)
Do you love me?
Track Name: Small seed // Mighty oak
We're always told our loved ones are in a better place
I wish I knew how much of that is really true
I've never been to a funeral in my life
And I've never seen heaven with my own eyes
But don't think I know nothing of death
Because love is the only thing I've seen die
I'll never forget the moment that changed my life
When she said with nothing but a straight face
"Darling, I'm sorry but I just don't love you"
As I struggled to take a single breath
I watched her stab our relationship in the back
And bury our love in a shallow grave
Wiping the blood from her hands as she walked away
She left me alone with my heart in my hands
Looking for the inner peace I suddenly lacked
That inner peace took many years to find
But along the way, I've finally come to realize
That we all have to move on sooner or later
And learn to live with our mistakes
But it's okay to think about the past sometimes
That's why I've built a cemetery in my mind
Lined with gravestones and memories
To remind myself that the past should stay dead
And now I have one more relationship to bury
I read my inner monologues at the wake
Because I'm tired of reading the same eulogies
It was hard laying that relationship to rest
And I thought about jumping headfirst in the coffin
Maybe I'd meet Death for the first time
I'd be fascinated by each and every word he said
Maybe I'd find some inner peace
By accepting the past and hoping for the best
I'd give anything for a chance to speak with Death
How could he just stand by and let our love die?
Something tells me I know what he'd say
And I'd hold my breath as he spoke
"In order to experience love and all its beauty
You must watch as it withers into ashes and dust
Because how can you appreciate true love
When you don't how fast it can be taken away?
Beauty can arise from dirt beneath our feet
And a small seed can bloom into a mighty oak
Rising higher than anyone could ever begin to see
I know you're so desperate for any kind of inner peace
But don't be so quick to give up any chance of hope
Or lose sight of knowing what it means to trust
Because every beautiful forest came from a single seed
Buried in the dirt and fallen leaves below
And like every flower you'll find in the wilderness
Love takes it time to blossom and grow"
Track Name: If Soliel never calls me back, I guess I'll just have to go to France..
I can't hear a word you say
When everything you say is failure
I can't speak with your lips on mine
When everything I try to say is drowned out
And when everything is done
I promise I won't ever feel this way again
Is this what you really wanted?
For me to feel this way?
I can't hear a word you say
With my eyes shutting out your face
And I can't speak with your breath taking over mine
Cause every time I try to breath, I can't speak
And when everything is done
I promise I won't ever feel this way again
I won't ever feel this way again
Tell me all your secrets, I'll use them against you