Cierre (second full length)

by Cierre

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if you are in a crisis, please seek help or call 1-800 273 8255. - tim


released December 9, 2016

recorded and mixed in tim's bedroom in summer 2016
mastered at golden cat studios in autumn 2016
written and performed by cierre
lyrics and story by tim



all rights reserved


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Track Name: we were never here. only the trees remain
i was standing in the aisle waiting for my order and you cut in front and asked for your prescription i could see the cuts line your wrist and i could hear the eagerness in your words they flew off of your tongue like daggers in my ears but i knew i was in love i was in love with the sight of your transgressions you weren't strong and i could help you by the next december we were moved in and you had your razors in the medical cabinet behind the mirror i remember throwing them out and i remember you using knives instead we buttered the toast the next day unaware of what you had used the knives for it wasn't until we found you in the bath tub we knew you had taken your life
Track Name: so where do we remain?
Track Name: collegiate speak
i would look back at you and smile at your grin what are best friends for anyways "and you meant nothing to me" i told you i wouldn't let us lose touch but look at what's become of our friendship now we were stronger than this you were stronger than this someone heard me whimper and push my feelings aside i just want you to be happy.
Track Name: letting it run through my hands like so much water
leslie: alec was the first love of my life. y'know, i sometimes think if we had never ended up in the same dorm, i would have just ended up with someone else, so would he.
leslie: tell me something, what do you think about our relationship as an outsider? i want you to be honest
kevin: you want me to be honest?
leslie: i don't know, yes.
kevin: yeah? okay, dangerous question, um. well, i think i hang around you guys so much, personally, because, well, you're all i think about. And, um, i think the reason i'm not interested in other women and why i haven't had sex in so long is because i am desperately, completely, in love with you... leslie: kevin...
kevin: well, we won't even remember this tomorrow.
leslie: it is tomorrow
Track Name: kiddo, i miss ya
you didn't find god, you found a way to separate us your heart pressed firmly against your bible i wanted to believe... i wanted to believe you were doing better i wanted to believe in something i wanted to take that pain away from you to no avail, you left me and i think i believe.
Track Name: life is sweet, inside of a big cave
you are the kind of girl who helps wipe lipstick from my cheek and you are the kind of girl who whispers my name but i sleep all day and it isn't fair you have to go through this. it's so not fair! i wish i knew at a funeral, drunk, you told me you loved me such an odd place and time, i remember thinking to myself and it was the first time i felt alive and it was the first time something felt right you made me feel right! we moved in together the next december i met you at the pharmacy you had cuts all up and down your arms and you helped me get over losing my best friend we missed her grin most and we miss your grin we found you in the bath tub june 15, 2004 i miss you