see you on the road / ashala rock

by see you on the road / ashala rock

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a 4 song split between eastern emo/indie/acoustic see you on the road and western emo/indie ashala rock.


released April 27, 2017



all rights reserved


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Track Name: See you on the road - Nauseate
and if i don’t loose my shit
i can always count on you for that
when you dont come home
when dont say hi
when you dont know what you did last night

excuse me while cough up all my guts
your eye liner and cheap perfume don’t do you justice

and this is simple i know i’m not the only one

and when my sheets are stained
and your scent is on my pillow case
buried in the fibers tangled like the both of us

excuse me while i take all this cough syrup
it’ll keep me from spilling all my guts

if you drive home then ill shut my eyes
and we can take turns on who gets to drive
its cold and theres ice outside
and we can take turns on who gets to die
Track Name: See you on the road - P.S. I don't know who I am
even though the weatherman predicts
a storm to fall and your locks to freeze
the blood in your veins will still persist
you see you are alive you still can breathe
your chest will rise and fall with me
i know my web is tangles and you can’t see
the stories that just make me

lets live our lives uncontrollably
lets live our lives like we don’t know each other
thats quite alright with me

and even though you had to say those words
we live repetitive and they won’t ever leave my head
in two years we could see who won’t notice each other first
you can scratch at the cells of my brain
but you won’t ever focus the retinas of my eyes
Track Name: ashala rock - Stitched together with good intentions
i wonder if we were ever awake,
dirty skin ruining the silky sheets
covering our young bodies
and i asked for a favor
let me hold my ear to your chest
and feel your heartbeat
Track Name: ashala rock - Oh no! Collapse your sea legs
oh no, i can feel my stomach drop
at the length of your words
falling silently from your lips
sometimes the most quiet sounds
can be the loudest
and they ring in your ear for weeks
like an anniversary, but so i;
i collapse with abandon on your bed
waiting for your body
to sneak up next to mine
your black sweater pulling at my skin
a eulogy or a wedding vow
fallen from your tongue