I Watched The Sea Become A Monster and Devour My Loneliness

by Cierre

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Three songs about love, three songs about life. These are demos of songs we wrote/recorded after almost finishing our new full length. We liked these a good amount and decided to throw them on an EP.


released March 15, 2016



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Track Name: Albatros Autour Du Cou
maybe if i kill myself, we'll both be happy again,
because i don't want to pretend anymore.
i don't know what happened to the "me" that i built and loved.
the one you loved, too.
he's gone and he left when he hurt you for the last time.

i'm so sorry.
this will break us, i know.
i should go away farther then before.
i should kill that part of me that hurt you.
i'd sacrifice everything to make you happy
and to hold you close.
Track Name: 'Canvas' et 'Lovers'
you're the canvas and i'm the paint
while i lie all over you, lie around you.
you're the tally-men, i'm the score;
watch me tally marks across your walls.

i swore i'd find a brighter side of life
and you'd find a colder side of strife.
you be the canvas that i rip apart with my teeth
in bare angry tendencies, but i'm sorry,
i'm not red paint.

watch this black paint stain your pale skin.
i smell the gin on your breath, the skin on your bones.
i smell the stench on your dress, the angst in your shoes.
i smell the love on your breath, the strength on your bones;
the pain inside your heart that has encased in mine.
it's so hard, i swore an empty promise.
Track Name: The Sea Became A Monster
Track Name: Pacific Northwestern Weather
adding insult to injury;
tell me you never hurt that because of me,
but lie and exasperate your thoughts on misanthropy.

you've got so much grace, but it's all underneath your makeup.
smear it on the streets so, i can see you everyday.

adding salt to wounding;
tell me you never loved the pain in renaissance paintings.
lush and exasperate your hopes for falling.

i'm sorry i even tried.

put your wedding ring on my nightstand.
put your conscience aside for the time you're here.
you can call my bloody throat your home.
you can use my scarred hands for your own injury.
help me, oh my god, please help me.